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All Hallow’s Read

Looking for something a little different to do this Halloween? Even if you’re still into trick-or-treating and dressing up (and who wouldn’t be!), why not instate your own All Hallow’s Read celebration this year. What is All Hallow’s Read, you say? Read on to find out!

Official All Hallow’s Read poster!

All Hallow’s Read is a new Halloween tradition thought up just two years ago by the great author Neil Gaiman and written about on his blog. The idea is that we all give out scary books for Halloween either instead of candy or alongside candy. So basically, the idea is just to share great books – it’s that simple!

Wondering what to share? There’s a collection of lists of recommended scar/creepy/freaky Halloween books here, on the official All Hallow’s Read site. Think classic Edgar Allen Poe, old school R.L. Stine, or new favorites Holly Black, Melissa Marr, oh, and Neil Gaiman (The Graveyard Book, Coraline), of course. You could also check out the scary books at Shorewood Library and lend them to (very trustworthy) friends if you can’t afford to buy a book to give away!