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New Books Highlight: Resolutions

Let’s kick off the new year with resolutions. First, I highly suggest making a reading resolution, whether it is to read more books, read more of a certain kind of books, read a different way (i.e. try to finish books more quickly, make more time to read, try to savor books more, try new ways of finding good books, etc.) or whatever else you can think of. Me? I’m resolving to read fewer than two books at once. That sounds nutty, but reading more than two was a problem for me in 2013 – I felt like I didn’t care as much about each book when I was balancing three (or more – I know, insane) at once!

But of course there are the classic resolutions about health and wellness (“I will exercise”), friends and family (“I will be nicer”) or school (“I will try harder”). With that in mind, here are some books to help you kick off your resolutions. Resolve to read them.

Resolution: “I will start planning for college! EEEEEEK” This is one you juniors (or even sophomores…)  might make if you are feeling anxious about the planning process. Resolve to kick it off and stop being scared.

Read: Roomies by Sara Zarr and Tara Altebrando

You might know Sara Zarr from all her awesome books. In this one she teams up with fellow author Altebrando to take a much-needed look at the trials and tribulations of transitioning from high school to college. With last year’s Fangirl (by Rainbow Rowell) it seems like books about that time period are becoming popular – and with good reason because it’s definitely a unique experience. Roomies tells the story of brand new roommates EB and Lauren as they get to know each other and college. Roommates aren’t always well-matched, of course, so very-different EB and Lauren must overcome differences in order to find trust in the person they’re sharing a tight space with.

Resolution: “I will practice more so I can follow my dreams!” Whether your an artist or an athlete, you might resolve to hone your craft so you can go farther.

Read: Chart Topper by D.M. Paige

Beth is shy, so when she takes a chance and posts a video of herself singing on YouTube, she doesn’t expect it to garner much attention. Maybe some of her peers will see it, and she’ll feel cool for putting herself out there. Never in her wildest dreams did she think a big-shot music exec would see it and offer her a way to make her singing dreams a reality: an internship in NYC at his recording company. Soon Beth is confronted with serious choices – when a collaboration with Bonified Records’ biggest stars means both girls might get to follow their hearts, or see their dreams disappear. This is a cool story that lets you explore the industry from the inside while inspiring your own dreams of stardom.

Resolution: “I will stand up for what I believe in!” Anyone seeking to be more courageous, more confident, or more self-aware might make this resolution.

Read: Angel de la Luna and the 5th Glorious Mystery by M. Evelina Galang

After her father dies and her grief-stricken mother immigrates to the U.S., Angel is left feeling alone and bereft in her home country, the Philippines. With her sister and grandmother left essentially in her charge, Angel doesn’t have much time for herself. Soon, though, her grandmother inspires her to get involved with the Filipina Comfort Women, an activist group that teaches Angel about the revolution going on in the Philippines. When Angel is forced to move to the U.S. to join her mother, she again feels unmoored and disconnected, and finds herself having to confront the grief and anger she has carefully hidden since her father’s death. Angel is an inspiring character, and you’ll also learn more about the rich history of the Philippines.