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New Books Highlight: Manga & Graphic Novels

This week I thought I’d post about the new manga and graphic novel titles we’ve got going on. I’m excited about¬† a couple of new series, and the return of some old faves. I know you will be, too!

New Series:

Tiger & Bunny V.1 by Mizuki Sakakibara

This is a brand new manga series based on the hit anime TV show by the same name! You can watch it on In the world of Tiger & Bunny, superpowered humans appeared half a century ago, seemingly out of nowhere. People adore these celeb heroes, and devotedly watch them on their TV show, HERO TV. But not all the heroes use their powers for good. Tiger is a hero whose ratings have been slipping, so his corporate sponsors stick him with a new, but very mismatched, sidekick. Together, they are Tiger & Bunny. Hilarity & action ensue!

Demon Love Spell  V.1 and V.2 by Mayu Shinjodawn of the arcana

This new Shojo Beat title is swoon-worthy anime infused with supernatural romance. Miko, our heroine, is a shrine maiden who’s never been too great at her job. When she meets a demon whose powers let him break hearts all over the place, she decides to make her move by casting a spell to seal his powers and stop him from hurting her friends. The spell works…sort of! Volume 3 will be here in June.

Dawn of the Arcana V. 4-9 by Rei Toma

Another great Shojo Beat title! This is a pretty new series, but unfortunately we haven’t been collecting it until now. We’re starting with the most recent titles, but will add the rest of the collection to make it complete by June. This is an epic tale of war and love, with a little supernatural power thrown in. Like the manga version of Game of Thrones.

Strobe Edge V. 1 by Io Sakisakastrobe edge

A classic Shojo Beat love story! Ninako finds herself in a love triangle, torn between an old friend – whom she finds newly attractive – and the most popular boy in school who seems to find her newly attractive. Love!

New Volumes in Old Series:

One Piece Volume 66

Naruto Volume 60

Bleach Volumes 54-56

New Graphic Novels:

who is acWho is AC? by Hope Larson, illustrations by Tintin Pantoja

Lin is a pretty average girl, a loner after moving to a new place, focused on her own concerns like writing about an old superhero named Rhea Ironheart. Until she witnesses a crime, returns a mysterious phone call she received months earlier, and is transformed. Pantoja’s illustrations are fluid and cool, with lots of close-ups and a great use of color once Lin transforms. This is dystopian, magical realist, superhero-comic-book-style awesomeness.