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New Books Highlight: On the Beach

It’s important to have the right kind of reading material when you’re going to the beach in the summer. You need something you won’t get so into that you can’t put it down and play a little volleyball or frisbee, or go for a quick swim. So here are three awesome brand new titles that I recommend for perfect beach reading. Bonus: two of them actually have a beach on the cover.

Nantucket Blue by Leila Howlandnantucket

Cricket Thompson has big plans to spend the summer near her major crush Jay by staying with her bestie at their home on Nantucket Island. But when her best friend’s mother dies, things start to fall apart. Cricket is no longer invited to Nantucket – actually it seems like Cricket is no longer Jules’s best friend – so she has to scheme to find a way to make her summer as close to perfect as she was hoping it would be. Her friendship may be crumbling, her crush may be less crushworthy than she supposed, and her plans, and she herself,  change unexpectedly…but possibly for the best.

Sneak Peek! “Even without Holly Howard and Dori Archer, who’d been suspended for drinking on campus, we were supposed to win the game. The sun was high and white, and the breeze carried the scent of sweaty, shampooed girls and a whiff of the fresh asphalt from the school’s newly paved driveway.” (Text copyright 2013 by Leila Howland)

Openly Straight by Bill Konigsbergopenly straight

Rafe is gay. Luckily for Rafe, this is not a problem in his Colorado town/ The problem is that he’s a lot of other things along with being gay and no one really knows about all those cool things he does or likes or is because they focus on his gayness. He’s visits schools to talk about tolerance, he’s well-respected and not teased, but he really just wants to be Rafe, not the gay guy. So when he transfers to a new school, Rafe sees it as his chance to shift the focus from his sexuality to his personality. At his new all-boys school he fits in well until he finds love with someone who doesn’t even fathom its existence.

Sneak Peek! “If it were up to my dad, my entire life would be on video. Anything I do, he grabs his phone. ‘Opal,’ he’ll yell to my mother, ‘Rafe is eating cornflakes. We gotta get this on film.'” (Text copyright 2013 by Bill Konigsberg)

All I Need by Susane Colasantiall i need

Told in the alternative narrative style Colasanti is known for. From the perspective of both Seth and Skye, their meeting at a beach party is big. They both feel strongly about each other, but they both have a past that haunts them. When Seth leaves for college before Skye can get his contact information, she worries that she has lost the one forever. But even when they find each other, can they make it work with the multiple complications of distance, space, time, and different backgrounds?

Sneak Peek! “‘Something’s going to happen tonight,’ Adrienne says, ‘I can feel it.’ It would be awesome if she was right. We’ve been coming to this beach party for seven years. Nothing ever happens.” (Text copyright 2013 by Susane Colasanti)


One more summer read…

Go back to the warmer days of summer and hang out at the beach with Belly, Conrad and Jeremiah in The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han.

“This book was the perfect read for girls in the summertime. It takes you into the life of a girl living a summer that you’ve only dreamt about. The characters keep revealing new layers of themselves throughout the book, keeping the reader intrigued the entire way through. Even better is that there’s two more summers to read through with both the second and third books in the series: It’s Not Summer Without You and We’ll Always Have Summer.”

Reviewed by Lauren, Teen Advisory Board member