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Wolves, Boys, & Other Things that Might Kill Me

KJ tries to stay in the background and usually that’s easy to do in her small Montana town.  But when she starts writing a column for the school newspaper about the wolves in Yellowstone and gets involved with Virgil, the new guy in town, she finds herself at the center of a long running dispute that pits wolf supporters against local ranchers.  When violence erupts over the increasing controversy, KJ must decide if she will take a stand and make a difference.

If you like Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock, you’ll love Wolves, Boys, & Other Things that Might Kill Me by Kristen Chandler.


Grace by Elizabeth Scott

“…my body had never been my own.  It was the People’s…I never thought of it as something other than a vessel–an Angel is a messenger and nothing more–until I looked up at a cloudless blue sky and thought not of the Saints or even the People.  I just thought it was a pretty sky, and was glad to see it.  I realized I wanted to keep seeing it.”

Grace is an Angel, a person selected to die for the People’s cause.  She trains and prepares for the day she’ll put a bomb on her leg and complete her mission of killing a prominent member of the dictator’s ruling party.  But when Grace realizes she doesn’t want to die,  she begins a harrowing journey of escape.

Elizabeth Scott powerfully describes how Grace questions her beliefs and the reason for her existence.

Not That Kind of Girl

Natalie is focused; she gets awesome grades, is student council president, and looking forward to a great college next year.  And thanks to a strict no dating policy she’s had no trouble avoiding guys in favor of her future.  But when a situation with some freshman girls calling themselves “Rosstitutes” pulls Natalie into a feminist controversy, she loses her best friend and gets involved with the cute quarterback.  Is she foregoing her feminist ideals and future aspirations?

Not That Kind of Girl by Siobhan Vivian is a wonderful, thought-provoking look at one girl’s struggle to balance school, friends, guys, and future goals without losing sight of who you are.

The Mermaid’s Mirror

Lena wakes up barefoot on the beach in the middle of the night just staring out at the ocean. She begins to feel like she’s lost something and is constantly trying to find it. She sees things in the water, not a seal, it looks human.  Is she going crazy? Is she seeing mermaids? These incidences lead up to an act of rebellion, learning to surf without her father’s approval, and set in motion a search for Lena’s mother that takes her into a whole other world.

The Mermaid’s Mirror by L.K. Madigan, the Morris Award winning author of Flash Burnout, is an enticing story of Lena’s underwater discovery.

Great Summer Reads

Here are some great summer reads from the New shelf!

Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti
When Lani falls for her best friend’s boyfriend, she doesn’t know what to do. But when Jason and Erin break up and Jason shows an interest in Lani will she follow her heart, even if it means losing her best friend?
Carter’s Big Break by Brent Crawford
Meet up with Carter the summer after freshman year when he stars in a Hollywood movie and gets into all kinds of trouble. A hilarious sequel to Carter Finally Gets It, which if you haven’t read yet, I highly recommend!
Toads and Diamonds by Heather Tomlinson
A wonderful fantasy about two sisters who are blessed by a goddess. One speaks jewels and flowers while the other speaks frogs and snakes. Set in historical India, Tana and Dirabani both go on amazing adventures thanks to the wondrous gift bestowed upon them.