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New Books Highlight: Forget-me-not

It looks like it’s going to be another gloomy weekend, and I know you’re in the middle of AP exams, all kinds of final projects, and the general mania of the last few weeks of school. You’re stressed to the max with everything you have to remember, so I propose you let go and dive into a book or three that deals with forgetting – whether accidental or forced.

Slated by Teri Terrycover image of Slated by Teri Terry

Kyla has been marked as a teen terrorist, and dealt with in the horrible fashion her government deems fit. She’s been slated, as in, clean slate: her memory has been wiped clean. She must start from the beginning, relearning how to walk, talk, and be. This is Kyla’s last chance to reform so she’s instructed to be grateful. Fitted with a bracelet that monitors her every thought – and will kill her if she gets angry or violent – she finds she just can’t adjust to life as a Slated. She is different from the others – plagued by what she thinks are memories, memories that should have been erased. Meanwhile, innocent people are disappearing and it’s becoming harder to believe that only the dangerous get Slated.

Sneak Peek! “Weird. All right, I haven’t got much experience on which to base this judgment. I may be sixteen and I’m not slow or backward and haven’t been locked in a closet since birth – as far as I know – but Slating does that to you. makes you lacking in experience.” (Text copyright © 2012 Teri Terry)

What We Saw at Night by Jacquelyn Mitchardcover image of What We Saw At Night by Jacquelyn Mitchard

Allie and her two best friends, Robbie and Kim, all suffer from a rare disease that makes them allergic to sunlight. They find their strength at night – the only time of day they can be outside and feel free. Rebelling against their confinement, the three start to practice the stunt sport of Parkour, bounding, climbing, jumping and scaling buildings and structures. They push each other harder, each longing to feel the danger of what they are doing. But one night they see something that Allie thinks is murder. Instead of forgetting like she should if she wants to stay out of harm’s way, she takes it upon herself to investigate what she saw. One of those thrilling books that will make you shout at the characters, “Don’t go in there!,” as you frantically turn pages.

Sneak Peek! “‘Don’t move and don’t scream too loud, no matter what you see,’ Juliet told Rob and me. ‘Promise? On pain of death?’ ‘I promise,’ I said readily. Rob shot me a furious glance. I forced myself to shrug with a chilly deadpan. What else was I supposed to do? Juliet was a force of nature.” (Text copyright © 2013 by Jacquelyn Mitchard)

Unremembered by Jessica Brodycover image of Unremembered by Jessica Brody

Seraphina finds herself in a world she does not recognize. A world that is supposed to be her own. The lone – and unharmed – survivor of a massive plane crash, sixteen-year-old Seraphina has no idea who she is, where she came from, or how she survived what should have killed her. The only thread that seems to connect her to a life she was supposed to have lived is a boy who claims they were in love before she disappeared. How can she trust him when she has no memories? How can she forget him when he might be the only who can save her from those who want her to forget?

Sneak Peek! “The water is cold and ruthless, lapping against my cheek. Slapping me awake. Filling my mouth with the taste of salty solitude. I cough violently and open my eyes, taking in the world around me. Seeing it for the first time.” (Text copyright © 2013 by Jessica Brody Entertainment, LLC)


New Books Highlight: Books that Sound Great!

Prophecy by Ellen Ohprophecy

Kira is a Demon Slayer, the Prince’s bodyguard, and the only girl in the King’s army. In short, she doesn’t have a lot of friends. She’s a complete outcast, actually. But because of what makes people fear her, her ability to see the demons who kill and then possess innocent people, she will play an important role in saving her society. Demons are growing in strength, and the prince might be the fabled savior predicted by an ancient prophecy, so it’s all Kira can do to keep him safe and try to unravel the mystery of the prophecy. Rooted in really cool Asian mythology, this book gives a new spin on the female main character who has to save the world. Plus, it’s the first in a trilogy (of course) so you have more great stories to anticipate.

Sneak Peek! “People feared Kira. They called her the Demon Slayer to her face and much worse behind her back. It didn’t matter that she was a first cousin to the crown prince or that she’d saved his life from a demon attack. Ten years was long enough for most to forget what really happened and instead to believe the rumors that began soon after.” (Text copyright © 2013 by Ellen Oh)

The Tragedy Paper by Elizabeth Labantragedy paper

Told in alternating viewpoints by two students at the same prestigious boarding school, separated by one year, this is a riveting read that will have you hooked by the end of the first chapter. Tim’s story is that of being an outcast, and finding forbidden love in the form of the girlfriend of the most popular guy in school. Duncan’s story is that of being given the story of Tim’s senior year – a gift from Tim to Duncan, left in the small dorm room they both were assigned to in their final year at Irving. Duncan dares to turn Tim’s story into his Tragedy Paper, Irving’s version of the senior thesis in which every senior must define tragedy. Their lives are intertwined in more ways than one and Duncan  must strive to understand why before he can move beyond Irving.

Sneak Peek! “As Duncan walked through the stone archway leading into the senior dorm, he had two things on his mind: what ‘treasure’ had been left behind for him and his Tragedy Paper. Well, maybe three things: he was also worried about which room he was going to get.” (Text copyright © 2013 by Elizabeth Laban)

Being Henry David by Cal Armisteadhenry david

He wakes up with no memory, no ID, alone in Penn Station with $10 and a copy of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden. With no idea who he is, he becomes Henry David – Hank – and does all he can think to do, make his way to Walden Pond, the setting of the book, the only possession he seems to have. Hank begins to understand that his mind is blocking his past from view, but he can’t imagine what trauma caused him to purposely stop himself from knowing his own past. As he sleeps in the woods near Walden Pond and tries to begin life over, memories come back in pieces and he fears the stranger he learns about – himself.

Sneak Peek! “The last thing I remember is now. Now, coming at me with heart-pounding fists. My eyes shoot open, and there is too much. Of everything. Blurred figures, moving. White lights. Muffled waves of sound. Voices. Music. Chaos.” (Text copyright © 2013 by Cal Armistead)

New Books Highlight: Exciting Sequels

It’s time for another look at some brand new sequels that are now available at Shorewood Library! If you’re gearing up for some exciting reads to take you through the upcoming winter break, add these to your list.

Seconds Away by Harlan Coben

The second book in the bestselling Mickey Bolitar, following 2011’s Shelter. In this thrilling read we follow Mickey and his friends as they investigate the murder of a classmate’s mother. Mickey still struggles with his own father’s death, and the many questions surrounding the Abeona Shelter, while also trying to be a normal high school dude. Thrills abound!

Diva by Jillian Larkin

This is actually the third book in The Flappers series (following Vixen and Ingenue), and also the stunning conclusion to the stories of Clara, Lorraine, and Carmody. History, romance, parties and trouble are the main elements of this super fun read that will transport you to 1920s Manhattan while also reminding you of your own life. It’s like Gossip Girl with more fringe and illicit activity (if that’s even possible!).

The Girl is Trouble by Kathryn Miller Haines

Sequel to The Girl is Murder, this mystery set in New York City in 1942 will keep you guessing until the end. After her mother’s (supposed) suicide, Iris Anderson finds herself helping unravel mysteries at her father’s detective business. When the sleuthing gets personal as Iris starts to learn more about her mother’s death. Mystery lovers, check this out!


New Books Highlight: An Out of YA Experience

There are still plenty of new books in the YA section, but this week I want to take a little walk over to a different New Books bookshelf in the library, the  one for general fiction (or “Adult Fiction”). Many of you are reading books for adults anyway, so why not get a sense of some extra-specially awesome ones that have come out recently?! Here they are:


Blasphemy by Sherman Alexie

Yes, I know, Alexie is also a YA author. But his latest offering was published for a general/adult audience, and is shelved over with the adult fiction. These are short stories by the author famous for The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. And they are just as awesome as that book.dare me

Dare Me by Megan Abbott

For those of you who like a thriller, check out this one about a high school cheerleading squad who find themselves at the center of a suspicious tale. Mysterious deaths, a little in-fighting, and you’ve got yourself a great read. You’ll find it in the adult mystery section.


2313 by Kim Stanley Robinson

Science fiction to the max, 2312 takes place on Mercury at a time when disagreement in the solar system threatens its population and that of other near-Earth colonies. This book is a must for sci-fi fans!

Remember, all of these books are found in the adult fiction, mystery or sci-fi sections of Shorewood Library, but all of them are highly recommended for teens!

New Books Highlight: Mysteries

This week on the Shorewood shelves you’ll find some new mysteries waiting to be solved (or possibly not…). From a new take on Sherlock Holmes to a haunting tale by a very famous mystery writer, if you’re a fan of the genre you’re sure to be pleased:

Death Cloud by Andrew Lane

Sherlock Holmes is 14 and we find him not at his familiar Baker Street address, that comes later, but staying in the English countryside while on break from school. The year is 1868 and even the relatively calm rolling farm country proves to be full of intrigue. Sherlock, expecting nothing but boredom during his vacation, is happy to be swept up in a mystery when two local men die from what appears to be the plague. Fans of the original Holmes stories, and any of its other incarnations, will love this one! (P.S. The sequel, Rebel Fire, is also available now!)

Out of Reach by Carrie Arcos

When Rachel’s brother, an addict who can’t seem to keep out of trouble, disappears, Rachel blames herself. And when an anonymous note arrives saying that he is in danger, Rachel knows she must do all she can to find and save him. She and Michah’s best friend Tyler set out on the trail with nothing more than a slim lead and a lot of hope.

The Edge of Nowhere by Elizabeth George

When she travels to the isolated and eerie Whidbey Island, near Seattle, Becca King does not leave her secrets behind her. Becca finds some solace in the friends she makes, especially Diana with whom she shares psychic abilities. This is the first in what promises to be a cycle of books about Becca and her friends, and the haunting mystery and romance that the encounter on Whidbey Island. Elizabeth George is a best-selling author of mysteries for adults, and this is her first offering for teen readers.