New Books Highlight: Get Factual

The last few posts about our new books here at Shorewood Library have been all about summer reads – which is to say, fiction of all sorts. This week there are some fantastic and awesome new non-fiction titles chilling on the shelves. Pick one up and cool on down.

The How-To Handbook: Shortcuts and Solutions for the Problems of Everyday Life by Martin Oliver and Alexandra Johnsonthe how to handbook

Ever wanted to know how to do a lot of stuff? Need to be the one to fix something when it breaks or have the answer to the question? This book is for you. From finding your way around the kitchen, to finding your way around a minor emergency, this book has helpful tips and pro instructions galore!

Friend Me! 600 Years of Social Networking in America by Francesca Davis DiPiazzafriend me

I know what you’re thinking: 600 years of social networking?! But Facebook has not been around for that long! Even MySpace isn’t 600 years old. Well, author DiPiazza takes you back, way back. Back when social networking meant what happened when people talked face to face or communicated via telegram or whatever. Yep, people are social creatures, so social networking is pretty old! This is a really fascinating look at how people communicated before IM, made friends before “Friend” was a verb, and built networks before we were all networked with the Internet. Of course, it also looks at how we do all these things now!

Women Aviators: 26 Stories of Pioneering Flights, Daring Missions and Record-Setting Journeys by Karen Bush Gibsonwomen aviators

Admit it: before reading this title you had no idea there even were 26 women aviators! There are and they are all amazing to read about. This book basically gives you a mini-bio of each, showcasing what they did to change the course of flight history and women’s history, too. If you loved Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein, this book will take you into the real lives of women like Maddie and Queenie who did real, daring things.

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