Make Stuff.

Now that school has been out for a week, do you notice your hands are…itchy? I don’t mean like you got too many mosquito bites, I mean itching to DO something! Put them to good work at our Maker Days this summer!

Maker Days are a chance for you to exercise your hands and imagination to craft something wonderful and useful. Crafts are not just for looking at, or hanging on the fridge and then forgetting about. Think about all the ways you hear the word “craft” used and you’ll know what I mean: people talk about handicrafts, craftwork, working at a “craft” by which they mean working at something that takes patience and dedication. So there is nothing boring or juvenile about crafts!

Check out the first Maker Day on Thursday, June 27 at 2:30 p.m. where we will craftransform (craft-transform) ordinary string into beautiful things!

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