Cover Blindness

What is cover blindness? Don’t you mean, “color blindness”?

No, I mean COVER blindness! This summer, YA books have banded together to ask you to ignore all the clues you usually rely on to pick books. The YA books decided they wanted you to try being “cover blind”: choose them based NOT on their cover art. You can’t see what book lies within the confines of the envelope until you check it out and take it home. Okay, you can open it in the library – but ONLY after  you’ve checked it out and made the commitment!

photo of covered books in YA area

Challenge yourself to go beneath the surface of book covers and possibly discover a great book you might not otherwise have picked up! All the cover blind books either feature a question that is at the heart of the book, or a one-sentence summary or hint of what the book is about. You choose which one speaks to you!


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  1. Eagle-Eyed Editor on

    Intriguing idea! I love mystery and it seems like this is a great way to entice people to read something they may not normally see.

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