Summer (Reading) is Here!

Ahhh, summer. The best time of the year!

It’s time now to start planning your summer. Let the Library help: we’ve got a whole bunch of super awesome stuff going on this summer, all of which you are invited to attend even if you don’t sign up for Summer Reading.

But, you might as well sign up for Summer Reading because it is a super easy way to cross something off your list this summer (namely: keeping on top of reading so you keep on top of school next year) plus earn some sweet coupons and the chance to win some cool stuff.

Everything you need to know about Summer Reading and summer events has been thoughtfully packaged into a handy bright blue calendar, available at the library, plus you can check it out on the Summer 2013 events page. Oh yeah, if you’re in the neighborhood (virtually), check us out at and for lots more info about all the haps this summer.

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