Get your verse on for National Poetry Month!


April is National Poetry Month! If you are a poet and everyone knows it, a secret scribbler, a reader but not a writer, a bard (okay you get the point!) this month is for you. The website home of National Poetry Month, part of, shares some nifty ways to celebrate like carrying a poem in your pocket on April 18, taking place in 30 days of activities around poetry, and subscribing to an emailed poem-a-day. Here are some more fun resources to keep you immersed in verse all month long:

This website is the headquarters for the Poetry Foundation and is totally bursting with all kinds of poetic goodness. Not only is it a great place to visit if you’re a poetry fan, but if you ever find yourself needing to write about poets or poetry for an English paper, head over here to read poems, read about poets, and more.


Run by the Poetry Foundation, this app is completely awesome. You can shake your phone to find a randomly chosen poem (like a poetry Magic 8 Ball!), search for poems by memorable lines, and filter out poems about specific topics for when you need to find just the right words to express how you’re feeling.

30/30 Poetry Contest:

Whether you are just entering the poetic arena or are an old hand at writing free verse but need some new inspiration, this contest is a challenge! Sign up to receive a daily email throughout April with a one-line prompt – something like “from start to finish”, which was the very first prompt for the month – to use as inspiration, riff on, ponder, etc. Write a short poem and post it to the 30/30 website by noon the following day. You’ll sharpen your writing and have some fun!

Need to get your poetry in paper form? Check out this list of Novels-in-Verse (yep, those are poetry), or just stop into the library to explore the poetry section (811 in Dewey Decimal), biographies of poets, and more!



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