Be a Bookface Model!

Yes, you read that correctly: bookface. Not Facebook. That’s something else entirely.

Bookface is Milwaukee Public Library’s super successful Summer Reading Program ad campaign that has gone on for the last few years. This year, they’re doing a county-wide search for beautiful bookish faces to be featured in their posters! You could be a bookface just like this:


How cool is this?!?!?!?!?!

To participate in the model search, start by checking out the models (MPL TAB members) featured on the MPL teen page or Teens of Milwaukee Public Library Facebook page. Simply take a photo of yourself with your face in a book – a library book! –  like the photos featured on the teen page and Facebook page, and submit it via email to or post it on the Facebook page. MPL TAB gives us some tips for creating a great bookface photo, based on their past experience:

  • Use a book you got at the library!
  • Ask your librarian for book suggestions.
  • Take the photo against a solid background, like a plain wall.
  • Patterns and colors are fine, but no clothing with logos or brand names.
  • Photos with 300 dpi resolution or higher are preferred.

(From the MPL TAB Bookface Model Search page,, accessed February 27, 2013)

Photos are being accepted now through March 28, 2013!

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