TAB Book Review: Last Days of Summer

Last Days of Summer by Steve Kluger

Joey Margolis, a Jewish 12-year-old living in 1940 is a smart kid but behaves badly in school and is constantly beat up by other kids. With his parents divorced, Joey lives with his mom and Aunt Carrie and almost never sees his dad. Joey faces many problems and is in need of a father figure in his life. He writes a letter to Charlie Banks, third baseman for the New York Giants. After many letters in which Joey tries to convince Charlie to do stuff for him and be his friend and Charlie tries to convince Joey to stop writing, Joey wins and they become friends. As Joey faces more problems, Charlie becomes the solution. When Joey’s dad can’t come to Joey’s Bar Mitzvah, Charlie takes his place. In this wonderful story, told entirely in letters, newspaper articles and telegrams, Joey and Charlie’s feelings and backgrounds shine through their arguments and smart-alec comments to tell the story of friendship and love.

Written by TAB member Sabine P.

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