Author Visit: Lisa McMann

At 6:30 on Monday, February 11, New York Times Bestselling YA and youth author Lisa McMann will grace Shorewood Library with her presence!

McMann is the author of the Wake trilogy (Wake, Fade and Gone), along with other YA titles Dead To You and Cryer’s Cross. Her latest YA offering, Crash, comes out this month. Check out some of her books before she arrives, plan to get some signed, and most of all, enjoy hearing this big-name author speak this February!

Haven’t read the Wake trilogy? Pick it up ASAP!

Wake tells the story of Janie Hannigan whose rare, if not exactly wonderful, gift of being uncontrollably drawn into other people’s dreams has meant her life is a little different from that of  the average high school student. When Janie starts visiting the dreams of mysterious loner Cabel,  she begins to realize the full extent of her power. In Fade, Janie uses her power for good: to unravel a mystery involving a possible sexual predator who is plaguing her high school. Janie also becomes privy to some information which may tell her more about her fate, but she might not want to know. In Gone, we delve more deeply into Janie’s personal life and the ways that her dream catching power has helped and hurt her.

Dead To You is a starkly realistic – even tragic – story of 16-year-old Ethan De Wilde, who was abducted when he was young but lost the memory of his life before then.  When Ethan seeks, and finds, his real name and story, he is reunited with his torn-up family – but nothing is that easy. There is mystery and more in this gripping psychological story.

Her newest book, Crash, out now, is similarly dark, supernatural and psychological. Jules Demarco is suddenly plagued by the same vision repeated everywhere – of an accident involving a snow plow crashing into a building and killing nine people. Why is she the only one who sees this? Has it already happened, or is it something yet to come? As she realizes what she is seeing, she knows it is her mission to try to stop it from happening.

McMann’s offerings for a slightly younger audience, The Unwanteds series, show how skilled of an author she is. The Unwanteds is a fun, fantastical adventure story – completely devoid of the supernatural and psychological details that make her YA books so riveting. In Quill, a sort of dystopian land where 13-year-olds who show any creativity are sent away, twin brothers Alex and Aaron are abruptly separated when Alex is proven to be a creative Unwanted and Aaron is named a Wanted. While Aaron gets to continue to live his life in Quill, distinguishing himself in university, Alex is sentenced to death. But when he meets the man who is supposed to take him to his death, he learns what really happens to Unwanteds – and takes us to the wondrous and magical land of Artime.

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