TAB Book Review: I am the Messenger

I am the Messenger by Markus Zusak

How many times have you looked away when you passed that kid in the hallway at school who doesn’t have many friends, is teased and gossiped about? Nineteen-year-old Ed Kennedy hasn’t accomplished much in life other than a lot of card games. He’s a cab driver who lives with his dog, the Doorman. He has three good friends: easy-going Ritchie, outspoken Marv, and Audrey, whom Ed is hopelessly in love with.

When Ed gets the Ace of Diamonds in the mail with three addresses written on them his life changes. At each address something happens. A lonely old women waits for her husband , who died 60 years ago, to come home. A teenage boy is a bully at school and is repeatedly beat up by his brother at home. Ed’s job is to help each of these people.

Ed doesn’t know who sent him the playing card but he’s determined to continue his life changing tasks. This touching story will convince you to smile at that kid next time you see him in the hallway.

Written by TAB member Sabine P.

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