New (awesome!) stuff happening this Winter & Spring!

Check out the Winter & Spring events page to see the newly scheduled awesomeness taking place! The Hobbit party last week was a success and lots of fun, and there is more fun to come. 2013 is nearly upon us, so take your winter break to relax, do some crafts at the Craft-A-Palooza on the 29th, and gear up for what’s happening at the library between January and April.


MCTBA voting: What the heck is a MCTBA? MCTBA stands for Milwaukee County Teen Book Award and means the ONLY local teen book award around! YOU, Milwaukee County teens get to choose the number one book of the year. Vote at Shorewood Library, or online at, or via email to, between January 1 and March 1, 2013!

Bucks Reading Challenge: Challenge yourself to meet the reading goal and win a ticket to a Bucks game! For students in grades 3-10. Register and read between January 2 and February 27.

March Madness Read-A-Thon: Get into the madness of March with a crazy day of mass reading! All ages are welcome to this four hour power read with story telling, silent reading, group reading, talking about books, and all kinds of reading-related hilarity.

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