New Books Highlight: Mysteries

This week on the Shorewood shelves you’ll find some new mysteries waiting to be solved (or possibly not…). From a new take on Sherlock Holmes to a haunting tale by a very famous mystery writer, if you’re a fan of the genre you’re sure to be pleased:

Death Cloud by Andrew Lane

Sherlock Holmes is 14 and we find him not at his familiar Baker Street address, that comes later, but staying in the English countryside while on break from school. The year is 1868 and even the relatively calm rolling farm country proves to be full of intrigue. Sherlock, expecting nothing but boredom during his vacation, is happy to be swept up in a mystery when two local men die from what appears to be the plague. Fans of the original Holmes stories, and any of its other incarnations, will love this one! (P.S. The sequel, Rebel Fire, is also available now!)

Out of Reach by Carrie Arcos

When Rachel’s brother, an addict who can’t seem to keep out of trouble, disappears, Rachel blames herself. And when an anonymous note arrives saying that he is in danger, Rachel knows she must do all she can to find and save him. She and Michah’s best friend Tyler set out on the trail with nothing more than a slim lead and a lot of hope.

The Edge of Nowhere by Elizabeth George

When she travels to the isolated and eerie Whidbey Island, near Seattle, Becca King does not leave her secrets behind her. Becca finds some solace in the friends she makes, especially Diana with whom she shares psychic abilities. This is the first in what promises to be a cycle of books about Becca and her friends, and the haunting mystery and romance that the encounter on Whidbey Island. Elizabeth George is a best-selling author of mysteries for adults, and this is her first offering for teen readers.

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