TAB Book Review: Clockwork Angel

Have you read the Mortal Instruments series? Then you should definitely read Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare! It is a fantasy book that is the first in a trilogy of prologues to Cassandra Clare’s bestselling Mortal Instruments series. It takes place in 1878 London, and follows the main character, Tessa Gray, through her adventures with the Shadowhunters (people who hunt demons) of the London Institute.

When Tessa receives a steamer ticket from New York to London from her older brother, she doesn’t expect to find out that her brother has been kidnapped by two Sorceresses called the Dark Sisters, who will kill him if she doesn’t do exactly what they tell her. Neither does she expect to uncover an incredible, yet frightening, talent, or meet the mysterious Will Herondale, who has hidden his past even from his best friend.

Clockwork Angel is an exciting mix of magic, mystery, action, suspense, and romance. It is a must-read even for those who have not read the Mortal Instruments. Enjoy!

-Reviewed by TAB member Annalise L.

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