Author Visit: John Flanagan!

In two weeks, Australian author John Flanagan will come to Shorewood Library to tell us all about his books and writing. John Flanagan is the author of the popular Ranger’s Apprentice series, and the companion Brotherband Chronicles series. When he visits Shorewood, the lucky audience, including you, will get an autograph or two, a fun evening, and a sneak peek of the newest installment of the Chronicles, The Hunters.

The Ranger’s Apprentice series follows Will, a fifteen-year-old foundling who instead of following his father’s footsteps and getting selected for Battleschool, gets recruited into the mysterious Ranger Corps. An apprentice ranger, Will finds adventure, his wits and skill, and his inner hero as he and friends battle for their own survival and that of people who have come under the thumb of the evil in their world.

Set in the same world as Ranger’s Apprentice, the companion series of the Brotherband Chronicles follows another unlikely hero, Hal Mikkelson, son of Skandia’s most revered warrior and a mother from the land Araluen – something he fights hard to live down. Hal and his Brotherband, the Herons, use their courage, boat skills and wily ways to defend Skandia against raiders, thieves and pirates.

Before the visit, you can become a superfan of Flanagan – and hopefully think up some burning questions to ask of him at the author visit – by checking out his web presence. Flanagan maintains two websites, one for each series, which give insight into the stories and his writing. The Rangers’ Apprentice website features games, quizzes, and an interactive map of the fictional world of the series. You can download desktop wallpaper, Ranger’s-inspired music and iron-ons to create custom fan gear. Register as a Ranger for special access to author Q + As, and more. The Brotherband Chronicles website also offers a game, and downloads including music and wallpaper.

Most importantly, come meet John Flanagan at 6:30 on Thursday, November 8!

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