Election 2012: Get involved even if you can’t vote!

The election is a mere month away! Are you prepared?

Image courtesy: Flickr user KClvey (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Even if you’re not yet old enough to vote, you can still be a political junkie, an activist, a thinker and a person with a voice. Here are some awesome websites to help you get involved and learn more about what’s at stake this election year.


This is a site designed specifically for teens, with posts written largely by teens. Bookmark this one to refer to and post stuff to all year long, not just around election time. This site is easy to use and provides lots of information from a teen’s perspective about the various parties’ campaigns (not just the two major parties, but also the less-talked-about parties like Green and Libertarian), plus discussions about the big issues facing both everyday people and state and federal governments. Many of the teens who post to this site are, as the website’s name might indicate, activists in their communities. You’ll be inspired!


FactCheck.org is an independent (i.e. nonprofit, nonpartisan) website that describes its mission as being a consumer advocate for voters. This means that it takes the messages from politicians that you might hear in the media, and tells you the plain facts that are represented, or misrepresented, in those messages. Sometimes, politicians skew facts to support their viewpoints, and FactCheck.org is a great place to find out when and/or whether your favored candidates are doing so.

Rock the Vote

Rock the Vote is an initiative founded over 20 years ago to get young people, like yourselves, involved in the voting process. It’s a grassroots organization that inspires your political thought by connecting you to the issues that really matter to you and showing you how your favorite artists and stars are politically engaged, too. Rock the Vote also advocates for issues that impact young people and works to get Washington to consider them seriously.

If you aren’t of legal voting age but still want to be involved, find out how you can volunteer for the campaign of your choice through the party representation in Milwaukee County: Check out the websites for the Republican Party or Democratic Party of Milwaukee County, or the official sites for each of the candidates – President Barack Obama, GOP Challenger Mitt Romney,or the Green Party.

If you are of legal voting age (18, of course), there is still time to register to vote! In Wisconsin, you can register on election day at your polling place, or in person or via mail. Go here to find out exactly what you need to do. Also, the Village of Shorewood has a page with more Shorewood-specific voting information, including a link to a map of polling places, here!

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