The Scorpio Races

Every October the water horses come to the small island of Thisby.  These flesh-eating and mammoth horses are captured by locals and ridden in the annual Scorpio Races.

Kate, known as Puck, has lost her parents and with her brother moving to the mainland fears losing what little is left of her life.  Kate has no interest in the Scorpio Races, but this year, winning the race and the prize money is the only way to keep her home.  But Kate refuses to ride one of the killer water horses, instead she’ll ride her horse.

In a race for men and killer water horses, Kate finds only one ally, Sean Kendrick.  Sean and his water horse, Corr, have won several Scorpio Races.  But winning this year means freedom for Sean and Corr.

A National Book Award Honor book, The Scorpio Races by Maggie Steifvater is a stunning imagining of the water horse myth with a timeless setting, thrilling adventure, and two of the most wonderful characters I’ve met in literature.

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