Robots and Video Games

Typically the books reviewed on this site are teen and youth books, but today’s books are two adult titles I think you’ll enjoy.

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
Wade lives in a near future U.S. where everyone works, plays, and interacts in the online virtual world of the Oasis.  When the eccentric billionaire creator of the Oasis dies, his will states he will leave his vast fortune to the person who can find the “Easter egg” he’s hidden in the Oasis.  Solving a series of riddles and tests leads Wade on a quest through the movies, music, TV shows, and computer games of the 1980’s, all for the love of the game.

Robopocalpyse by Daniel H. Wilson
When the robot uprising happens people around the world find their lives forever changed.  Told from several perspectives, including a few robots, Robopocalpyse is the story of the human resistance to a global robot war.  Thought provoking and endlessly exciting, with a movie version coming soon!

One more note, I listened to both of these as audiobooks and they both have fantastic readers!

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