Web of Air by Philip Reeve

Fever Crumb is back and in A Web of Air is putting her skills as an engineer to work helping Arlo Thursday build a flying machine.

After leaving London, Fever spent two years on the Lyceum, a traveling theater company.  On a stop in Mayda-at-the-World’s-End, Fever discovers a young inventor who is trying to create an aeroplane.  However, Arlo believes Fever has been sent to kill him, as other inventors interested in flying are mysteriously dying.  Determined to find out what’s going on and help Arlo, Fever gets involved in a very dangerous business.

A Web of Air is the sequel to Fever Crumb.  And both are prequels to the amazing Mortal Engines series.  Philip Reeve is a tremendous author and if you’re looking for a great new fantasy/sci-fi/action adventure series I highly recommend his books.

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