This Dark Endeavor by Kenneth Oppel

Meet Victor Frankenstein, yes the same Frankenstein who creates the monster in Mary Shelley’s classic novel, but as a young man of 16.  When Victor’s twin brother, Konrad, falls gravely ill, Victor, his cousin Elizabeth and friend Henry are determined to save him.  They have found a book of dark magic and with the help of an alchemist set out on several exciting adventures to find the ingredients for the elixir of life in the hopes of saving Konrad.

Full of heart pounding adventure and a bit of creepy science, This Dark Endeavor, introduces you to a young Victor Frankenstein.  Whether you’ve read Mary Shelley’s classic or not, you’ll enjoy This Dark Endeavor simply for the excitement and great characters.



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  1. Simone Klemann on

    This Dark Endeaver is very dark and twisted. It is a very amazing book. There are betrayls of unimaginable quantities. On a rating scale of 1-10 I give is at least a 9/10. I think that all young readers that like romance, fantasy or science fiction will love this book!

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