Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier

Gwyneth feels a little dizzy, there’s a rush of light, and she finds herself at some point in the early 1900’s.  Her cousin, Charlotte, would know what to do, she’s been trained since birth to deal with the time travel gene in their family.   So why did Gwyneth time travel instead of Charlotte?  And what’s all this mystery about a secret society, a chronograph, and going back to the past to collect blood to complete the circle?

Ruby Red is a fun and exciting time travel mystery set in London and starring Gwyneth, a normal 16 year-old completely unprepared to deal with her family’s secret history and the time travel gene she has inherited.  Thankfully she has a time travel partner, the good-looking, but rude, Gideon de Villiers.

The first in a trilogy and already a smashing success in Germany, Ruby Red will have you wondering where Gwyneth is off to next, what is the great mystery, and why can Gwyneth see ghosts.  The sequel, Sapphire Blue, is coming June 2012!

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