Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan

Glow takes place aboard the Empyrean, a futuristic spaceship. The passengers include two teenagers deeply in love, Kieran and Waverly. Glow starts out with Kieran proposing to Waverly, his true love. The plot develops quickly when another ship arrives next to the Empyrean. The New Horizon hijacks the Empyrean destroying the engine and takes hostages, one of them include Waverly. As Kieran desperately strives for control on the damaged Empyrean he is thrown for a loop when he has to fight another boy, named Seth, for authority and nearly loses the battle.

Meanwhile, aboard the New Horizon, Waverly puzzles over why the ship took them from the Empyrean. Mather, the leader of the New Horizon, is a power-hungry woman who has a single-minded ambition to spread the word of God. However, as Waverly finds out that is not her only ambition. The New Horizon has many secrets hidden throughout the ship will Waverly be able to uncover them and get herself and rest of the captives out before it’s too late?

Will Kieran be able to take control of the Empyrean and overcome all its troubles without fail? Or will he be outsmarted by Seth, his only competition? Will Kieran and Waverly reunite? And most importantly, will they survive and save the future of the human race?

Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan is coming September 27, 2011!

Reviewed by Namrata, 16, Teen Advisory Board member

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