“What Happened to Goodbye” and “We’ll Always Have Summer”

What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen
McLean moves around a lot because of her dad’s job.  But she doesn’t mind, each new place is an opportunity to reinvent herself.  She can be the cheerleader, the drama girl, the student council president, or the party girl, it doesn’t matter because she knows she won’t be there very long.  But when they arrive in Lakeview, McLean begins to wonder if she should just be herself.  The only problem…she’s not sure who that is anymore.  This latest Sarah Dessen doesn’t disappoint!

We’ll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han
The final book of the trilogy finds Belly planning her wedding.  After dating her first love Conrad and dealing with their bitter breakup, Belly has been happy with Jeremiah for the last two years.  But while staying at the Cousins beach house and planning the wedding she begins to wonder, which Fisher boy is really the one meant for her?

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