The Indigo Notebook

Sorry for not posting for a month, things have been crazy busy with summer reading, school visits, and getting everything ready for all of our events (tie dye, the folk fair, movie book groups, etc).   I have been reading though and I’ll be reviewing a bunch of new books over the next few days.  Let’s get started:

The Indigo Notebook by Laura Resau
Zeeta has lived in a different country for each of her 16 years.  Her mother teachers English and moves them around the world on a whim.  All Zeeta has ever wanted is a “normal” life, a dad, a house, shopping at the mall.  Now in Ecuador she might finally get her wish.  Layla almost drowns and decides to change, she’ll find a nice guy, settle down, and give Zeeta the life she’s always wanted.  However, while helping Wendell, an American guy in Ecuador searching for his birth parents, Zeeta begins to question what she really wants.

Escape the city and travel to Otavalo, Ecuador.  You’ll find lots of adventure, interesting people and food, a sweet romance, and a bit of danger.

If you enjoy The Indigo Notebook, I recommend Laura Resau’s other books, including The Ruby Notebook that follows Zeeta on her next adventure.

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