Marbury Lens by Andrew Smith

If you found a pair of glasses that allowed you to travel to another world, would you? What if that world is in the midst of a horrific war and you are on the run from mutants determined to kill you- one of whom is your best fried in the real world?

After being kidnapped and escaping from a truly evil man, Jack is in England checking out a new school. He meets a great girl, but after being given the glasses, he finds that he can’t stop himself from going to the other world, even if it risks the girl, his relationship with his best friend, and his life.

Andrew Smith has written a dark and action-packed book that asks a lot of serious questions and doesn’t spare the reader from the harshness of life. Although this book can be hard to read, the characters are realistic and the story will draw you in and not let go until the last page.

Reviewed by: Richmond

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