New books with a serious side

Bruiser by Neal Shusterman
When Tennyson’s sister, Bronte, begins dating Brewster, aka the Bruiser, he’s immediately concerned for her safety.  But as both Bronte and Tennyson get to know Brewster they discover his nickname hides a dark secret that impacts their entire family.

Told from multiple perspectives, you get a deep sense of the trouble Brewster faces while discovering his secret along with Tennyson and Bronte.  Bruiser is a nominee for the 2011 Milwaukee County Teen Book Award.

You by Charles Benoit
What decision brought you to this point?  There’s so much blood…how did this happen?  You are Kyle Chase, a hoodie, a boy coasting along in life.  Somehow you find yourself in a terrible situation brought about by a series of decisions (or lack thereof) that will forever change your life.

This unique and gripping story will drag you in and make you think about how one decision can dramatically impact your life.  Also a 2011 MCTBA nominee.

Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King
Is it ok to hate a your dead best friend?  When Vera’s former best friend Charlie dies, she’s the only one who knows a terrible secret that could clear his name.  But Charlie ditched Vera long before he died, so does she owe him anything?  Feeling haunted by Charlie, Vera struggles to take action in her life.

Told in flashbacks that slowly reveal the entire story of Vera and Charlie’s friendship and the events leading up to Charlie’s death, this compelling story was selected as a 2011 Printz Honor book.

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