Fever Crumb by Philip Reeve

Fever, an orphan raised by the Order of Engineers, lives in a London of the distant future where some catastrophic past event has left the world with limited technology or understanding of science. When Fever goes to work with a local archeologist to uncover Ancient tech she begins to remember events and details about the former overlord of London, Auric Godshawk. The truly strange thing is Godshawk and his people had been killed and driven out of London before Fever was born, yet she has clear memories of them. Does Fever has some link to Godshawk? Does anyone know anything about Fever’s past? And is it possible someone may be trying to kill Fever because of her suspected connection to Godshawk?

A brilliantly written, exciting and complex story of a girl uncovering her past and discovering who she is. Fever Crumb is a prequel to the Hungry City Chronicles, a series of four incredible books, the first of which is Mortal Engines. I highly recommend any book by Philip Reeve including Here Lies Arthur, a story of King Arthur, and Larklight, the first in a series of hilarious and action packed Victorian space adventures.

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