Music Streaming

Streaming music online is becoming a more popular way of listening to your favorite songs while away from your MP3 player or your music collection at home. Here are just a few of the great sites out there that let you stream music over the internet.

Their layout is similar to iTunes–you can build your own playlists, mark your favorite songs, and share songs and playlists with other Grooveshark users, as well as friends on Facebook and Myspace.

This site’s “Music Mover” software lets you sync your Lala account with the music on your computer, giving you access to your music collection from anywhere. You can listen to a song you don’t own once for free, and then buy either unlimited online access or an MP3 download. offers the ability to create “radio stations” based on a particular artist or song and share music and pictures with other fans. Their most well-known feature is the ability for to generate a chart that lists your most recently played songs, which can be posted anywhere online.


Like, Pandora lets users create radio stations based on an artist or song they already like, and then further customize that station by giving each song a thumbs up or thumbs down. Great for finding new music that is similar to your current interests.
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