New Books

Being on the Milwaukee County Teen Book Award committee (2010 winner will be announced April 1!) means I’m always reading new YA books. Here are three titles I’ve read recently that you might enjoy.

Fat Cat by Robin Brande

What can living like a cave man do for you? For Cat’s science project she’s going to study the effects on her body when she begins imitating the cave man way of life. She’s eating healthy, walking everywhere, and swearing off technology. What happens makes for some interesting and funny reading!

The Six Rules of Maybe by Deb Caletti

When Scarlet meets Hayden she feels instantly connected and getting to know him only increases her feelings. Unfortunately, Hayden is married…to Scarlet’s pregnant sister. Filled with drama and emotion, Scarlet struggles with her feelings for Hayden while still trying to support her sister.

By the Time You Read This, I’ll be Dead by Julie Ann Peters

Bullied her entire life for being overweight, Daelyn has already tried to commit suicide twice, but this time will be the last. Or will it? When Daelyn meets Santana, she’s determined to keep her distance, she’s planning to die and wants no connections. But Santana is persistent and won’t give up on her. A brutally honest look at bullying and suicide.

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