Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta

From award winning Australian author, Melina Marchetta, comes Finnikin of the Rock.

The land of Lumatere has been shrouded in an impenetrable fog since the five days of the unspeakable. As retaliation for the overthrow of the king and the killing of her people, Seranonna of the Forest Dwellers lays a curse upon Lumatere; those within are trapped, those outside are exiles. One of the exiles is Finnikin of the Rock. Finnikin has spent the past ten years traveling between camps attempting to find a place to relocate the exiles. But it is only when Finnikin meets Evanjalin, a young apprentice priestess, that his journey to free Lumatere and bring the exiles home truly begins.

A wonderful blend of fantasy adventure, romance, and heart-breaking reality, Finnikin of the Rock is at its core a story of hope.

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