Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher

When Logan meets Skye Hendricks, the new girl at Boyer, he’s instantly drawn to her. She’s pretty, outgoing, and smart and she seems really interested in him too. But Skye is a ball of mixed signals, she says no to a movie invitation, but shows up anyway, she flirts and holds hands, but freaks out when Logan tries to kiss her. Logan is terribly confused but when Skye says she needs a friend, Logan decides he’ll be there for her. That is until the night they share their first kiss and Skye reveals her secret. Skye has dealt with her transgender status for years, but this is all new to Logan and his confusion and anger may threaten them both.

Almost Perfect is a beautiful story of friendship, love, betrayal, and acceptance. If you’re interested in other books like Almost Perfect, you’ll find several great suggestions on our GLBTQ booklist.

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