The Everafter by Amy Huntley

The next book on my voyage to read all the Morris Award nominees was The Everafter by Amy Huntley.

“I’m dead.
Not my-parents-told-me-to-be-home-by-twelve-and-it’s-two-o’clock-now dead. Just dead. Literally.”

Maddy Stanton has died and is now in the Everafter. She discovers that objects she lost during her life now enable her to relive those memories. With a lost bracelet she remembers the day she fell out of a tree, a set of car keys takes her back to her first kiss with her boyfriend Gabe, and with a lost flower she returns to her sister’s wedding. Yet the one thing Maddy can’t remember is how she died. And the one thing she can’t seem to find is Gabe.

A thought-provoking story about a girl struggling to reconcile her life with what happens after you die.

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