Ash by Malinda Lo

Book two of the Morris Award Nominees is Ash by Malinda Lo. A Cinderella retelling with a few twists.

Ash has grown up listening to fairy tales and living in a world where fairies seem just beyond the woods. So when she meets Sidhean, a fairy, she longs to be with him instead of living her life as a servant to her stepmother. But when Ash develops a friendship with Kaisa, the King’s huntress, her longing for Sidhean begins to wane. Until Ash must decide what she wants more, a life with Sidhean among the fairies or with Kaisa in the real world.

Ash is a beautiful, magical love story told with understated yet lyrical language. I truly did not want Ash’s story to end and am happy to hear that Malinda Lo is currently working on a new book about the first huntress of Ash’s world.

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